ORION is a revolutionary IoT platform that enables rapid deployment of large-scale IoT applications. ORION enables businesses to harness the power of IoT and fully realize their digital transformation goals.

Accelerate your deployment

Deploy your IoT assets quickly and at scale by using ORION’s simple and intuitive device registration system to quickly register and provision IoT devices.

Manage IoT assets at scale

Manage, maintain and update your devices remotely, at scale. Through our admin interface, users can be manage their devices in real-time.

Big Data Ready

ORION gracefully handles millions of devices and billions of messages per second. It is designed to easily manage your big data needs and deliver consistent and reliable data management.

Advance Analytics

ORION enables simple and easy data storage and retrieval with lightning-fast querying. It also incorporates advanced machine learning capabilities over spatio-temporal data.

Robust APIs

ORION comes with pre-built standardized north/south bound APIs to enable easy integration with diverse tools and hardware. It’s intuitive interface makes it easy to develop applications for any industry/vertical.